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QPDF-25/PDF-50/PDF-99 Single use temperature data logger Problem & Solutions



1, Why does the file name show 00000000 and no data report?

Reason: 1), User didn`t activate the data logger successfully.

              2), User connected the PC within 30 minutes after activation.

Answer: After the data logger is activated, there is Start Delay of 30 minutes to start. If the data logger is connected to the computer within 30 minutes after activation, the data logger will stop recording. And the file name will show 00000000, no data report.

2, Confirm that the data logger has been started correctly, but when connecting to the computer to read data, no report appears.

Answer: First of all don't worry. Data report can not be lost. If the report is in generation, the computer is disconnected, resulting in no data report.

Solution: Only need to press the button 8 times quickly within 6 seconds, the data logger will reset. Re-connect to computer, data report will be re-generated. During the report generation, do not disconnect the computer. If there is a lot of data in it, please be patient for a while.

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