Temp Humidity Data Logger

USB Temperature Humidity Data Logger

Temperature data logger is a product developed by Apresys specifically for the cold chain industry. It is widely used in food, medicine, logistics, blood, chemical, electronics and other industries. After the data recording is completed, the device is plugged into the computer‘s USB interface to read, save, print data.
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 Technical Parameters



Relative Humidity


Measurement range

0%RH to 100%RH

-40℉~176℉,  -40℃ ~80


+/- 3%RH



+/- 3%RH

0.01℉/ 0.01℃

Record capability

16,000 temperature and 16,000 humidity readings

Interval Time

1min to 24 h (selectable)

Start Time Delay

1min to 24 h (selectable)

Life Time

2-3 years


9cm x 3.4 cm x1.3 cm




Non rechargeable lithium manganese battery



Real-time data display

USB flash link design is compact and delicate.

USB interface communication, the data can be read in simple and efficient way.

Non-recharging through computer USB port, use for 2-3 years.

With E-3 anti-treatment, it is usable in extreme environments such as low-temperature, high humidity, strong earthquakes and etc.

 Software TempTrak

All USB data loggers are fully compatible with our user friendly software - TempTrak. TempTrak is free of charge and allows the logger to be set up and the data read and displayed in graphical form. Graphs can be saved, printed or retrieved at a later time.

Connect USB to PC to read, download and print data sheet with.txt, . xls and .aprc. Graphical form.   

NOTE: Remember to install USB driver in the software package otherwise PC can`t recognize the data logger.


USB Reusable temperature humidity data logger made by APRESYS (SHANGHAI), employing the most advanced high-tech electronic technology, high-performance integrated circuits, turning the regular recorder to a USB appearance, is not only compact, which is close to the size of USB disk and easy to carry, All the USB data loggers plug directly into the USB port of the computer for configuration and data download, removing the need for any additional cables. thus greatly improving work efficiency, and saving working-hours.

USB port can be directly connected with the computer to read, save, and print data in txt. xls. And graphical form, it is great convenience. At the same time, matching with a printer, and transferring data via USB port, it is available to have temperature data and graphical print anywhere anytime. It is compact with high precision, long life, good stability and low cost. It doesnt need to recharged battery repeatedly via computer USB port. With a wide temperature range, it is suitable for a variety of common, even extreme temperature environments.

Typical Application

• Shipping              • Warehouse               • Food                 • Museums     

 • Buildings            • Laboratories             • Libraries            • HVAC               

• Refrigeration       • Pharmaceutical         • Agriculture        • Computer Rooms        

• Communications Equipment



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